Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV)

Raquel Garcia, Executive Director


Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the environment and strengthen the economy of Southwest Detroit through the partnership with residents, community organizations, government agencies, schools, businesses and industry to combat environmental issues, including air quality, blight (illegal dumping, graffiti, abandoned homes), and incompatible land use. Some of SDEV’s programs include:

  • Placemaking with Residents
    • Focus on expanding Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI), placemaking, and green space development with residents, 
  • Health Air Program
    • Helps residents push for cleaner air rules and helps businesses and institutions directly cut pollution from their operations,

Website | Email | Phone: (313) 842-1961

Research Areas: Air Quality & Pollution, Built Environment, Land Use, Community Organizing, Education, Environmental Health, Environmental Justice, Housing, Urban Development, Economic Development,

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