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Detroit Urban Research Center
Community-based participatory research: A partnership approach for public health (2nd ed). Israel BA, Coombe CM, McGranaghan R Community Engaged Scholarship for Health, (2018)
Enhancing Capacity of Community-Academic Partnerships to Achieve Health Equity: Results From the CBPR Partnership Academy Coombe CM, Schulz AJ, Guluma L, Allen AJ, Gray C, Brakefield-Caldwell W, Guzman JR, Lewis TC, Reyes AG, Rowe Z, Pappas LA, Israel BA Health Promotion Practice (2018)
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Community Action Against Asthma
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Doctoral Dissertations
Author(s)Title (Date)
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van Olphen, J. Religious involvement and health among African American women on the eastside of Detroit.
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East Side Access
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Eastside Village Health Workers
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Healthy Environments Partnership
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Healthy Environments Partnership

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Neighborhoods Working in Partnership

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Healthy MOM's

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REACH Detroit

Effectiveness of a Community Health Worker Intervention Among African American and Latino Adults With Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomized Controlled TrialSpencer, M.S., Rosland, A-M., Kieffer, E.C., Sinco, B.R., Valerio, M.A., Palmisano, G., Anderson, M. et al.American Journal of Public Health, 101(12): 2253-2260. (2011)
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