Larry Charleston IV, MD, M.Sc., FAHS

Professor in Department of Neurology & Ophthalmology, Director of Headache & Facial Pain, Director of Faculty Development

Dr. Larry Charleston IV is a practicing neurologist, specializing in headache medicine, as well as an Associate Professor in Neurology at the University of Michigan Medical School. He is also the Chair of the American Headache Society‚Äôs Underserved Populations in Headache Special Interest Section. He received his M.D. from Wayne State University School of Medicine. He has worked with the Alliance for Headache Advocacy to increase awareness, improve research funding, as well as change the stigma towards headache disorders. Dr. Charleston's research focuses on better understanding disparities and challenges in headache management among minority, vulnerable, and underserved populations, with the aim of developing strategies to reduce those disparities and inform health policy. In particular, his work aims to define the impact of suboptimal care delivery and the root causes of racial/ethnic disparities in head pain from a patient perspective, and to develop patient-centered health literacy interventions to improve patient outcomes and reduce disparities in migraine and other headache disorders in diverse populations

Current Research Interests:

  • Disparities in headache diagnosis and care
  • Headache prevention and literacy
  • Health Care Policy and Advocacy
  • Headache and facial pain education

Website | Email | Phone: 734-936-9020

Research Areas: Health Disparities, Disease Prevention, Health Literacy, Healthcare, Policy Advocacy,

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