Kate Bauer, PhD

Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Kate Bauer Headshot

Dr. Kate Bauer is an Associate Professor in Nutritional Sciences at the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan. Dr. Bauer received her PhD from the University of Minnesota, Department of Epidemiology. Dr. Bauer is an epidemiologist whose research focuses on identifying social and behavioral determinants of obesity and obesogenic behavior among children and adolescents, and the translation of this etiologic research into feasible and effective community-based interventions. Much of her work focuses on the role of families in children's and adolescents' obesity risk including understanding 1.) how the family environment influences nutrition, physical activity, and obesity risk among youth; 2.) how socio-ecologic stressors affect weight-related parenting, the family environment, and child behavior and weight; and 3.) how to engage vulnerable families in obesity prevention efforts. She is also interested in the application of causal inference methodologies in pediatric obesity research.

Website | Email | Phone: 734-763-2546

Research Areas: Obesity, Social Determinants of Health, Family Health, Food Access/Security, Youth Development & Engagement,

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