Gretchen A. Piatt, PhD, MPH

Associate Chair for Education Programs, Associate Professor of Learning Health Sciences, Associate Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education, Director of the Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems (HILS) Program, Director of Precision Health Graduate Certificate Program

Gretchen Piatt

Dr. Gretchen Piatt is an Associate Professor in Learning Health Sciences at University of Michigan Medical School and an Associate Professor in Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.  Dr. Piatt’s ongoing research is focused on the design and evaluation of community-based interventions that address the redesign of the health system through implementation of models of chronic illness care.  More specifically, her research focus includes working to improve health systems and health care delivery for people with and at risk for diabetes, understanding the behavioral and psychological aspects of diabetes prevention and management, and developing and implementing diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment interventions in the community and primary care settings

Website | Email | Phone: (734) 764-2287

Research Areas: Program Design & Evaluation, Chronic Health, Illness, & Disease, Healthcare, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease,

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