CBPR Partnership Academy - Eligibility & Application Requirements

Not Currently Accepting Applications

Summer 2023 - Train the Trainers for CBPR Partnership Academy Participants, all cohorts (dates and application coming soon!)

This training program is intended for community-academic teams involved in newly forming and early-stage partnerships, as well as teams of community-academic pairs that would like to incorporate a CBPR approach into an existing non-CBPR effort. Through a competitive review process, a total of 12 two-person teams were selected for the last cohort (2022-23) of the CBPR Partnership Academy, with all program expenses covered. For more detailed information about the program, visit this link

Program Opportunities & Expectations
  • Attendance at a week-long, intensive course *
  • Participation in monthly learning activities (e.g. webinars,  mentoring calls, online forums) during the one-year program period
  • Opportunity to apply for a non-competitive project development grant
  • Participation in the national CBPR Partnership Academy Network (previous cohorts, instructors, mentors)

*Course location (in person or remote) will be decided based on Covid guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions from Q & A Conference Calls


Community-Academic Team Criteria:
  • Team should be newly forming or in the early stages of partnership development (well-established CBPR partnerships are not eligible).
  • Ability to attend program events in community-academic pairs
  • Commitment to working together in partnership throughout the year-long program
  • Interest in learning how to use a CBPR approach, including the application of innovative methods, to understand and address social and physical environmental determinants of health inequities
Academic Partner Criteria:
  • Must be a doctoral level faculty member or researcher affiliated with an academic or research institution in the United States (Diverse disciplines and backgrounds will be considered, including, for example, behavioral and social sciences, public health, environmental health sciences, urban planning.); 
  • Can be an early-stage or established investigator with interest and limited experience in CBPR; and
  • Must have support for year-long participation in the program from the applicant's academic institution (as evident in Letter of Support).
Community- or Faith-Based Organization, or Health & Human Services Agency Partner Criteria:
  • Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent training and 3-5 years of relevant work experience; 
  • Be in a position of mid-to-upper level leadership in the organization; and 
  • Must have support for year-long participation in the program from the applicant’s organization (as evident in Letter of Support).
Selection Criteria:
  • Interest in collaborative research to address health inequities; 
  • Evidence of commitment to CBPR principles and ongoing co-learning process; 
  • Commitment to establishing and enhancing equitable partnership; 
  • Evidence of responsiveness to the community’s needs and interests; 
  • Evidence that proposal was jointly developed; and
  • Availability and commitment of both partners to participate in year-long program activities.



  • Review the Request for Applications
  • The application for the Academy consists of the following parts:
    • Online Application Form
    • Applicants’ Resumes/CVs for BOTH team members
    • Letters of Support: Please provide two letters of support: one from a supervisor (for community partner) and one from an academic chair or equivalent (for academic partner) showing support for each applicant to participate in the one-year program, including attendance in the intensive course.

PLEASE NOTE:Download the pre application

If you'd like to think through your answers before submitting them in the online application, please feel free to use this optional Pre-Application Worksheet, which outlines all the narrative questions exactly as they are asked here.


If you have questions about the CBPR Partnership Academy or how to apply, please contact Detroit URC staff: detroiturc@umich.edu. Or visit our website at DetroitURC.org.

For details, and to access the online application form, click this link to fill out the official application