Arab Community Center for Economic & Social Services (ACCESS) Community Health & Research Center

Mona Makki, LLP, Director
Madiha Tariq, MPH, Deputy Director

ACCESS is a non-profit agency committed to advocating for and empowering individuals, families, and communities. ACCESS provides a wide range of health and human services, employment services, youth programs, educational and cultural programs, and civic engagement, advocacy, and social entrepreneurship services. ACCESS aims to be an organization of people who are dedicated to empowering and enabling individuals, families, and communities to lead informed, productive, culturally sensitive, and fulfilling lives. ACCESS is dedicated to the support of community building, actively focusing on service to those in need within the broader community, to newly arrived immigrants, and as a strong advocate for cultural and social entrepreneurship. ACCESS champions the values of community service, healthy lifestyles, education, and philanthropy. Of the eight ACCESS locations, the majority of research is housed at the Community Health and Research Center. Ongoing research projects include 1) Breast & Cervical Cancer Control program (BCCCP) and 2) Community Action Against Asthma (CAAA).

Website | Email | Phone: (313) 216-2200

Research Areas: Youth Development & Engagement, Education, Community Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Asthma, Cancer,

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